About Skrimmage

Skrimmage is the all-comprehensive site for Sports Analytics and Games Research. Dive deep into a treasure trove of aggregate stats, access an extensive library of free sports data, and discover cutting-edge machine learning analysis tailored for the modern sports enthusiast. Whether you're a casual fan, a data-driven coach, or a budding analyst, Skrimmage is your ultimate destination for insights that transcend the game.


Sources: Various league APIs. Noted at the base level of each sport.

Backend: Dagster to pull and transform data. Hosted on Raspberry Pi 400.

Frontend: Evidence.dev to build static pages.

Code: Skrimmage Data Platform - Github actions look for any changes to the front end and push them to Github Pages and hosted by Cloudflare


Getting started in sports analytics sometimes requires lots of scraping of sites. By using open source and league data, hopefully the Skrimmage project can set the foundation for those looking to jump in for the first time. As the data and processes improve, more advanced statistics and machine learning models will also be open sourced and included.

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